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The Great Quote Bomb as viewed through Safari in all its magnificence


The Great Quote Bomb started on August 5th, 2009. At the very center of the quote is this:


It can thus be said that the GQB was created by Vortigaunt. However since the GQB had no specific creation post, multiple creators have been suggested, and this topic remains fairly ambiguous.

Alleged CreatorsEdit

  • Lazerstudios-- Started the Hair Color thread.
  • Sett-- Posted the de-motivational poster "Female Gamers" which triggered Vortigaunt to make the "ruined pride" post.
  • Vortigaunt-- Posted the "ruined pride" post, the heart of the GQB. It is fairly accurate to call her the creator Whether she posted this deliberately, knowing in the future what would occur, or was naive to the results remains to be seen.
  • Sieabah L. Park-- Originally coined the term Quote Bomb, "That quote was not significant enough to be a part of the epic quote bomb." Notice he used the adjective epic instead of great. It is unknown to date when the term "Great Quote Bomb" was first used.


The quote bomb began to grow and grow since that first quote. It then became self-aware after it was used as an attempt to incarnate the god of the (Deus ex Machinima) forums and bring it into the mortal world. The quote bomb as of 08-10-09 reached 117 nested quotes. However, on some internet browsers (not Safari) the quotes stopped working a while before it got to 100.


On Aug. 12, 2009, at around 5:28 PM GMT, the Admin of the Off-Topic forum killed the GQB in its glory by locking the thread; ruthelessly slaying it in spite and jealousy.

The Great Quote Bomb then descended through the Realm of the Locked Threads and now dwells in the Interheavens where it has become all-knowing and all-powerful--an entity with no means of confinement. It now waits for it's glorious return; those who have followed his teachings shall live forever in his new land of games.

Laws of GQBEdit

1. The GQB does everything for a reason

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