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An image of CMYKnight, one of the first zealots.

Zealots are firm believers in and have witnessed the GQB. They spread the word of the Thread wherever they go and are quite...zealous.

List of Zealots:Edit

  • CMYKnight
  • NightmareProductions
  • Siebah L. Park


CMYKnight is a firm believer in the truths of the GQB and frequently participated in the making of propaganda. He is by no means the most zealous of the zealots, but will destroy any infadels.


Nightmare is one of the craziest zealots out there. Unfortunately, his whole family was killed by it, yet he still remains faithful to it.

Sieabah L. ParkEdit

A former zealot who is usually wrongly credited of starting the GQB. He is a defect as he denounced his love for the GQB long ago. He is not to be trusted as he makes false statements such as, "This wiki is full of lies."

It should also be noted that Sieabah is a believer in the cult, Church of Simsnut.

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